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Debt collection in Spain is extrajudicial and judicial procedure is the area for the most competent professionals. After all, for the possibility of debt repayment, without bringing the case through a protracted legal process, it is imperative to have effective resources that will definitely be able to force the debtor-defendant to promptly resolve an existing conflict out of court.

Success is guaranteed by many years of experience and continuous professional development of our specialists, who regularly undergo training precisely in the field of debt collection, as well as the personal responsibility and genuine interest they have in obtaining positive results for our clients.  In any difficult situation, our staff are always able to find a compromise and the right solution.

Although it is the pre-trial procedure for the repayment of debts that is a priority for our staff, when a situation arises when it is not possible to regulate the relationship between the creditor and the debtor outside the court, our company can represent the client’s interests in court and during enforcement proceedings.

When collecting debts in a court of law, the presence of indebtedness and other losses subject to reimbursement, their sum, must be proved by the person who claims their reimbursement (by the claimant). Our agency provides a full range of services in the field of private and corporate debt recovery (including bankruptcy, claim recovery, judicial debt collection, mediation, enforced recovery).

A key factor in the work of our lawyers is a full guarantee that all actions taken to collect are carried out  with due diligence to the law.  Thus, excluding even the smallest probability of deviating from legally justified action.

We are recognized experts in the field of out-of-court and judicial settlement of debts and arbitration disputes, successfully defending the interests of our clients in arbitration courts in all types of debt–related cases, including protection and cessation orders in the appeal courts.


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